What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About Your Marriage

What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About Your Marriage

Do you have that one go-to move that always saves the day? You know what we're talking about; it's the sex move you cherish like a favorite sweater. It gets the job done every time and has a lot of sentimental value. But, did you know that your favorite sex position can tell you quite a bit about your relationship? Yep, it's like horoscopes… only sexier.

Your favorite sex position can indicate who likes to call the shots (and who likes a little submissive action) to how comfortable you are with sexual adventure.

Now, we're not saying your favorite sex move determines whether or not you have a happy partnership, but it is reflective of your marriage's dynamic. Keep in mind, Aquarius/Scorpio/Gemini girl, this is all in good fun. Who knows? Maybe you'll get a bit inspired by this guide to try a little something different tonight.


You're a total classic; romantic, best friends, and in sync. You've been together forever, which explains why you're so comfortable with each other. You enjoy being as connected as possible, keeping as little distance as you can manage. You know each other's bodies, brains, and personalities like the backs of your own hands and aren't afraid to stick with what feels right to you.


You two are crazy for each other and aren't afraid to get a little buck wild. Your partner likes to see you take your pleasure into your own hands, no matter what you're trying. Whether it be a new career path or a side hustle, your partner is always there to be your rock. He or she wants to see you reach your full potential and would never be threatened by your success. You're comfortable in your body and enjoy doing what gives you the most pleasure, and your partner always wants the best for you.


You're a deeply passionate twosome. You're into a chill lifestyle, likely engaging in yoga, long bike rides, and the simple act of enjoying conversation. You have a love of all things art and share that enjoyment as a couple. You like to feel like one being, and even if your friends think it's cheesy, you know they're totally jealous. You take things slow and take everything in stride.

Doggy Style

Your marriage is adventurous and fun. No matter what you're doing: hiking, going on trips, or exploring new restaurants, you always keep it fresh and exciting, and you're certainly not afraid of getting your hands dirty in the process. You both feel comfortable giving and receiving control in a way that keeps you both satisfied and hungry for more.


Your marriage is caring, devoted, and full of compassion. You enjoy deep connection and intimacy, but like to keep things simple. You'd rather feel close and connected than trying something outside of your element, and that's okay. You and your partner are relaxed and comfortable both in bed and in life. You have a strong partnership that will last a lifetime.

Gigi Engle is a sex educator and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.