Jessica Biel Went to the Ultimate Las Vegas Bachelorette Party with her Future Sister-In-Law

Jessica Biel Went to the Ultimate Las Vegas Bachelorette Party with her Future Sister-In-Law

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but Jessica Biel's hangover seems to be the exception to the rule.

The 35-year-old actress shared photos on Instagram last night to showcase her time in Sin City, where she attended a memorable (or not) bachelorette party for Rose Muniz, her future sister-in-law. Muniz is currently engaged to Biel's brother, Justin. The bachelorette crew featured nine members, including the bride-to-be, and, by the looks of Biel's social media posts, the squad definitely made the most of their trip.

In the first round of snapshots that Biel shared, she captioned the post, "What happens in Vegas… comes home with you! Had a blast welcoming my new sister into the fam. Thank you @redrockcasino for taking such good care of us!" The pictures feature the party crew striking a pose, a selfie of Biel, a snap of Biel casually playing the slots in the bathrobe, a shot of their Vegas view, and a screenshot of a sign that reads "It's all shits and giggles until someone shits." We're hoping that wasn't the case for any of the party-goers.

Biel later added more snippets of the wild bachelorette party on her Instagram, cluing us in to her lingering hangover. "Bachelorette to do list: Epic dinner at @yellowtaillv? Check. Dancing our faces off at @hakkasanlv? Check. Maybe still hungover?! CHECK. I love Vegas," she wrote to accompany her second round of party pics. She posted a snap with a chef from the restaurant Yellowtail, a picture of the Yellowtail sign, and a solo shot in front of what appears to be the famous Bellagio Fountain. With good food, dancing, and a massive hangover, sounds like Muniz's last fling before the ring was a definite success.

But, it seems like the group did more than just drink their way through Vegas. Muniz shared photos with her friends on a hike, captioning the post "Nature is soul food for this Tribe. When in Vegas. Go on a hike!" Both Biel and Muniz used the hashtag #soontobiel to commemorate the pre-wedding festivities.

Muniz and her fiancГ© will have big shoes to fill, considering Biel and her husband Justin Timberlake have topped everyone's #RelationshipGoals list. The singing/acting pair has been married since 2012, and this year has already been filled with nothing but aww-worthy moments. J.T. wrote one of his new hits, "Man of the Woods," for his leading lady, and the music video features a brief dance between the two lovebirds. The couple shares one son, Silas, but the pop singer recently revealed he wants as many kids as possible with his wife.

Wishing a happy marriage to the #soontobiel couple, and that Jessica Biel's hangover goes away ASAP.