The Best Sex Positions for Make-up Sex

The Best Sex Positions for Make-up Sex

Fighting is no fun, but it's a part of any long-term relationship. In fact, some studies show that couples who fight have stronger relationships; It shows you're not afraid to communicate things that upset you. Every couple has their disagreements, arguments, and eventually, make ups.

Make-up sex, while not a cure for relationship problems, is a nice way to recover and move on from a fight. The key to sensational make-up sex is increased intimacy and closeness-you want to remind both your partner and yourself that you love each other and have respect for one another.

Sex is a beautiful part of romantic partnerships. Here are seven excellent sex positions for make-up sex.


When you're post-fight, intimacy is really important during sex. This position brings your bodies close and the passion closer. Have your partner spoon you from behind and enter you. Relax with one arm behind your head.

Try to align your breathing and rock together in sync. Instead of talking dirty, tell each other how much you love each other and how sexy you find one another. You want to remind each other not only of your desire, but your deep love.


The Lotus is highly regarded as one of the most intimate and romantic sex positions. It's been a favorite for thousands of years, first appearing in Tantric sex.

Instead of bouncing, embrace the position fully. Rock back and forth on your partner's penis, dildo, or pubic region. This will create more closeness and skin-to-skin contact. Indulge in deep kissing. Kiss and lick your partner's neck, check, and shoulders. Whisper sweet things in each other's ears. You'll forget what you were even fighting about to begin with.

Oral sex

Lie back, spread your legs and let your partner make it up to you in the most orgasmic way. And visa versa: If you're the one who started the fight, you can always make up for it by giving some excellent oral. Communicate your needs, and let your partner do that thing you like.

Oral sex really shows your partner you care. It's a way to say “I love you” without using words. Oral sex is one of the most powerful ways to end a fight, no matter what you're fighting about.

Flat missionary

Skin-to-skin contact helps increase oxytocin production and a feeling of closeness. Instead of having your partner balance on his or her hands, have them rest on on their elbows. This way you can kiss their shoulders and lips, while feeling the weight of their body against you.

Have them move back and forth on your body, instead of up and down. This way you can rock you clitoris against your partner's pubic bone. This will increase your chance of orgasm; Having an orgasm during intercourse will ignite passion and pair-bonding.

Altered cowgirl

Cowgirl is less romantic, and more exhausting, especially if your partner enjoys a bouncing motion. It's more like a hardcore cardio workout than a romantic, make-up sex position.

For altered cowgirl, have your partner lie flat on their back. Climb in top and slide down onto either their dildo or penis. Move your legs back and put your elbows on either side of your partner's head so that you're lying flat against your partner's body. Rock back and forth for optimal intimacy and clitoral stimulation. Feel free to make out and lean into the intimacy this position creates. Your partner will feel possessed and likely super into it.

Upgraded Spooning

As mentioned above, spooning is wonderful for those tenuous, sexually-charged moments after make-up sex. To make it even more romantic and intimate, get even closer. Align your bodies completely. Have him or her wrap their arms around you as tightly as possible.

To make it extra cozy, pull a fuzzy blanket over the two of you. Warmth will increase your relaxation, and after an argument, this can be very comforting.

Open legged spooning

This position is perfect if you're looking for closeness and simple clitoral stimulation. Lie back and think about your breathing while enjoying this sex position. It's an opportunity to enjoy the feeling of your partner inside you while simultaneously using your hand or toy on your clit. After an argument, pleasure is an excellent salve.

To make this position work, lie on your back and your partner lie on his or her side. Have them enter you at this perpendicular angle. Open your knees and drape them over your partner's side. You will definitely bring this position in as a regular part of your post-argument routine once you see how intimate you feel with your partner.

Gigi Engle is a certified sex coach, educator, and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.