One Real Couple Tells: What it's Really Like to Have a Surprise Honeymoon

One Real Couple Tells: What it's Really Like to Have a Surprise Honeymoon

So what's it really like to have a surprise honeymoon? Once you've said, “I do!” it's time to jet off on a much anticipated and romantic honeymoon. The typical first trip as a married couple is often planned together and early in advance, with a destination agreed upon by both partners. Right? Well, not if you're Erina Pindar and fiancé Samuel Chamberlain. Soon to be Mr. & Mrs., Erina, Managing Director at SmartFlyer and Samuel Chamberlain, Director, Global Luxury Sales, Waldorf Astoria & Conrad are set to wed in October, and will embark on their once in a lifetime trip shortly thereafter. The catch? They don't have any idea where they are going.

In fact, they've left their trip entirely in the hands of Michael Holtz, CEO and Founder of SmartFlyer. While this may be a bit unconventional, and maybe even a little bit nerve-wracking to many, Erina and Samuel are nothing but excited about their special adventure and about having a special someone else plan the details for them.

“Planning the wedding and real life is busy enough, that this is the last thing that we want to think about,” Erina explains. “Not only has he known me for many years, Michael has also planned many tips for me in the past and he understands both of our travel histories very well, as well as our preferences and pace.” She added, “It doesn't hurt that he's one of the best travel planners in the world.”

So how, exactly, did the planning go down?

“Michael asked for our available travel window, approximate budget, and a part of the world we are interested in. He did give us a few clues on what to pack, and since we gave him the region of the world we want to be in, we know what the weather will approximately look like,” Erina clarified.

By avoiding the stressors of planning and details, Erina and Samuel are looking forward to the element of luxury and air of surprise. “I think the ultimate luxury here is to have someone that truly gets us taking care of the details, and that we don't have to make a single decision on where/what/when, and just simply be!”

As for Michael, he's fully embraced the opportunity to play such a special part in what will undoubtedly be the couple's incredibly memorable experience. “I have known Erina for 8 years. Not only is she crucial to the operation of SmartFlyer as Managing Director, she is also one of my best friends. There is nothing I would not do for her.”

Through their friendship, Michael has also gotten to know Samuel well, while understanding what makes them “tick” as well as their preferences. He reflected, “It gives me great pleasure to plan a truly spectacular honeymoon for this amazing couple.”

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It's evident that Erina and Samuel have the (surprise) trip of a lifetime to look forward to, in addition to their wedding this fall.

In the ever-evolving world of wedding planning, perhaps surprise honeymoons will be the next big thing?