Watch Police Rescue This Bride From A Flooded Car On Her Wedding Day

Watch Police Rescue This Bride From A Flooded Car On Her Wedding Day

A little rain on your wedding day is totally manageable, and after all, it's good luck! However, you might need back up when a little big day drizzle turns into a torrential downpour. A New Jersey couple and their wedding party got stuck in the flooding caused by this weekend's rain in North Jersey and had to be rescued by local police.

“Unfortunately due to the quickly rising flood waters, this bride, her new husband and wedding party friends, got a rough start on things,” the Bogota, NJ Police Department wrote on Facebook alongside a video of the rescue in progress. “The fortunate thing, is we were able to help them through their first rough patch. Obviously their day has not gone as planned, so let's congratulate them on their wedding and give them best wishes for a lifetime of love and adventure, starting now.”

In the video, bride Sabrina Torens-still in her wedding dress-is sticking out of the sunroof of a sedan covered up to its license plate by water. According to, from his Humvee, Officer Michael Laferrera helped the bride, groom Connor Reilly, and the rest of the wedding party to safety and into the police vehicle. Sgt. Geoffrey Cole told the local site that the couple seemed to be in “decent spirits” during the rescue.

“We definitely get people stuck often, but it was her wedding day, so it was a dynamic situation,” Cole said. “Nobody was worse for the wear, besides the vehicle.”

While this was definitely not a dream situation, commenters on the video are optimistic about what this couple's rocky start means for the rest of their life together. “Congratulations on your wedding just think if you made it through this the two of you will make it through anything,” one commenter wrote. “And what story you will be able to tell your future children and grandchildren.”

Another commenter said,"Best wishes for a life together. Today proves that your love for each other is enduring. Look out ain't no stopping you now.”

Their good luck has already started. According to Sergeant Cole, the dress and shoes were not harmed in the making of this rainy wedding fiasco.