French Fashion Blogger, Garance DorГ©, is Engaged!

French Fashion Blogger, Garance DorГ©, is Engaged!

This across the pond powerhouse is saying "je't'aime" to her new fiancГ©! French photographer, blogger, and author, Garance DorГ©, confirmed that she has finally found her perfect fashion muse, and forever love, in jazz singer, Chris Norton. The new bride-to-be took to her blog to spill all of the details on their adorable first encounter and why she never thought she would walk down the aisle!

The fashion world has gained a new trending twosome! The chic fashion writer shared the exciting engagement news through her personal blog, Garance DorГ©, with a note in her credited Editor's Letter. The newly engaged bride-to-be started by saying, "I don't know about you, but I feel like 2016 is going to be an amazing year." The future Mrs. Norton concluded the exciting letter by writing, "here's the news (I mean, it left me totally speechless)(for hours)(I still haven't processed it)" adding, "Yesterday, Chris asked me to MARRY HIM!!! I said YES!!!" The author also confirmed a possible wedding date by adding, "2016 is the year I'm going to get married!!!" It looks like the New Year has a lot in store for one of our favorite fashionistas.

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Doré elegantly penned her exciting news in a personal post titled, "my engagement pt. 1" that adoringly described the fashion blogger's hesitations when it comes to walking down the aisle. "I never thought it would happen to me," the Love, Style, Life author begins, "Not because I didn't think I deserved it, no. But just because in my family, we don't really get engaged. We barely get married, in fact." The decade long blogger also shared some personal moments exploring the first time she met her groom-to-be. "I met Chris the summer of my 39th year. If you've read my book, you know I was newly single, totally not ready for another love story, and pretty sure I'd never meet anyone in the crazy dating world of New York," she wrote. "And at that moment, despite the fact I still completely had my guard up and it was the last thing I would have expected, I felt the floodgates of love burst open, one after another. Everything I'd ever loved in a man (art, humor, self-deprecation, kindness, confidence, humility… ) it was all there right in front of me." Talk about a perfect first date!

We can't wait to see the fashion maven's amazing French style, she'll make one seriously cool bride!

But it looks like DorГ© and her new fiancГ© aren't the only high-profile fashion couple causing a frenzy with recent engagement news! Renowned fashion designer Tory Burch, recently confirmed her bride-to-be status with a touching social media shout out to her new engaged love, and CEO of the LVMH Fashion Group, Pierre-Yves Roussel.

The 49-year-old designer posted an Instagram snapshot showing off her new arm candy (literally!) with an arm-in-arm post of her and her future hubby. The touching photo was complimented with the sweet caption, "We are tying the knot… blessed engaged happynewyear."

Another not so discreet photo posted by the new "Tory Sport" founder, shows off the celebrated designer's new massive sparkler! The photo of Burch embracing the great outdoors clearly shows a new ring on the blonde beauty's finger, further fueling the question of whether this power duo is planning on walking down the aisle in 2016!