Teen Wears Mother's Vintage Wedding Dress to Her High School Prom

Teen Wears Mother's Vintage Wedding Dress to Her High School Prom

While a good chunk of the internet has been busy reliving memories from prom as they share photos with the high school sweethearts they went on to marry, 18-year-old Grace Jeyes has been busy creating new ones with the help of a little "something borrowed."

The teenager, who hails from Leicester, England, opted to skip out on a new dress for her formal in favor of a vintage find straight out of her mother Dawn's closet-her wedding dress!

"I didn't see the point in buying a new dress that I will only ever wear once, so I had a look in my wardrobe before looking in my mum's,” Grace explained to The Sun. "I found her stunning wedding dress and I fell in love with it.”

Lucky for Grace, the gown, which can be seen in photos obtained by the publication, slipped on like a glove. "It fit perfectly and I knew this was the one,” she said.

With gauze-like ruffle sleeves, a fitted lace button-down bodice, a sweetheart neckline and a jagged hem, the frock, which was last worn on Dawn's wedding day in 1998, definitely set Grace apart from the crowd-particularly when dressed up with a pair of red heels and a matching clutch and lipstick.

"Friends and teachers were all complimenting me on my dress as it was different from the rest, but nobody believed that it was once a wedding dress,” she said.

In addition to saving the savvy young woman some serious dough (a 2015 Visa study found that Americans spend an average of $919 on prom each year), her decision also made for a special moment for Dawn.

“When she came down in my wedding dress, I was so shocked and extremely flattered,” the teen's mother recalled.

Added Grace: "My mum didn't even know until the eve of the prom and when she saw me in it, she was so happy. The dress means so much to her which made it even more special for me.”

And as for Grace's father, David, who last saw the gown when his wife was walking down the aisle? "David had the biggest smile on his face and was amazed by how good she looked," Dawn said.

You know what they say… Like mother, like daughter!

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