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Nail the Mismatched Groomsmen Trend With These Easy Guidelines

Nail the Mismatched Groomsmen Trend With These Easy Guidelines

It's no longer rare to see bridesmaids each rocking outfits that reflect their personalities and body types, but why should ladies get to have all the fun? Lately, groomsmen are also getting in on the mismatched trend, with style experts noting that it's a great way to let the members of your wedding party express their individuality. But before you give the most important guys in your life carte blanche to pick their outfits, make sure to lay out these guidelines to keep everyone looking stylish and cohesive. Can you say #squadgoals?

The Benefits of the Mismatched Trend

For guys who already have a rotation of suits in their closet, it's an easy way to help them save some cash. "The trend may not be appropriate for every wedding, but it's a great way to allow gentlemen to flex their style muscle and potentially save some money," says Colin Megaro, celebrity wardrobe stylist and founder of Colin Megaro LLC. "Most men already own a few great suits that can be incorporated into their wedding day attire."

Megaro adds that it's on trend for weddings in 2017 and 2018 and is "not in the least bit 'cookie cutter.'" Here's to doing something a little different!

The Guidelines You Need to Know

Now that you know what the pluses of this choice are, how can you keep the look from getting messy? Fashion stylist Alarna Hope recommends selecting a color scheme (limiting the look to three colors), and ensuring that all the groomsmen are wearing the same style and color shoes and belts. "This helps to tie things together much more easily," she says.

Don't think that you're limited to solid colors, either. Prints can work well if you stick to some rules. "If you decide to mix prints, ensure you're mixing a small and a large print with the same colors in it," Hope says. "The mismatched trend doesn't work when all the prints are the same size."

According to Will Noguchi, senior stylist for Bombfell, it's key to ensure that you're explicit about the colors you're choosing. Not all blues are equal! "I think color is the defining factor to achieving a cohesive look across a variety of suits," he says. "If a groom says 'Wear a gray suit,' the bridal party may not be cohesive and members may stand out. Did he mean a silver, mist, gravel, ash, storm? Which gray is the right gray?! However, if a groom says 'Wear a charcoal suit' or 'Wear a dark cool-gray suit,' then the variety in suit styles won't read because of the cohesive color! It's important to establish a cohesive hue (cool vs. warm gray) and a cohesive tone (light ash gray/dark charcoal, etc.). Making these decisions so your groomsmen don't have to will ensure a successful use of the mismatched trend!"

Additionally, Noguchi says having mismatched groomsmen makes it a bit harder for the groom to stand out. He suggests that the groom pick out a suit for himself that is contrasting to the groomsmen, but still complementary to the color the other guys are wearing.

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When to Say No to the Trend

Mismatched groomsmen automatically will make your wedding seem more casual, so if you're hoping to give William and Kate a run for their money with your formal wedding, don't go this route. "A couple should consider this trend in the case of more informal weddings in my opinion," Megaro says. "If you are doing black or white tie, this is not a trend you should consider for your big day."