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How to Pamper Yourself the Night Before Your Wedding

How to Pamper Yourself the Night Before Your Wedding

While your journey to the altar is no doubt exciting, making sure your dream day becomes a reality can be stressful. Which is why, despite your bridal party's best efforts to help you unwind during your bachelorette and bridal shower, you must pencil in some alone time in your busy schedule before you say "I do." What better way to keep calm and treat yourself than with an at-home day of pampering?

To make sure your pampering efforts are up to snuff, we consulted makeup artist Amy Oresman for her top tips. Here, she shares some insightful suggestions for creating an at-home spa (and enjoying your last bit of alone time).

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You can never go wrong with a relaxing bath.

"One of my favorite pampering techniques to create luxurious smooth skin is to take a sesame oil bath," suggests Orseman. "After a quick cleansing shower, draw a bath and pour a half bottle of your favorite bath oil into the tub. Soak for thirty minutes and towel off. Your skin is left silky, hydrated, and smoother than ever - this is the perfect time to do a body scrub."

Exfoliating is key.

"Most people think they should exfoliate and then hydrate, but really you want to prepare your skin for exfoliation by moisturizing first," advises Orseman. "After you get out of the sesame oil tub, do your own at-home body scrub. Take a makeup removing wipe and squirt a quarter-size dollop of exfoliating cleanser onto it. Rub this all over the body, like an exfoliating washcloth. You can even add oil to the mix, to both exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. Rinse in your oil bath, and then pat yourself dry - your skin will be ready to go strapless!"

__Share the love with your 'maids! Offer up eye and lip products to say thanks and accommodate a range of skin types and tones. __

"I think the best treats in goody bags for bridal parties are for eyes and lips. Giving a fantastic mascara and lip product is the perfect pampering present (and everyone loves a black mascara)," says Orseman. "If you want to throw in a little something more, everyone's skin needs to be hydrated. All your guests will love a moisturizer. Use one that's oil free and perfect for sensitive skin so that each of your guests can use it."