The Brides October/November 2017 Issue Will Have You Falling in Love with Wedding Planning

The Brides October/November 2017 Issue Will Have You Falling in Love with Wedding Planning

Summer has come to a close, but no need to fret, brides! Fall and all the wedding beauty that comes with it-rich, warm color palettes, an array of in-season blooms, and colorful, leafy wedding photos-are officially on the horizon. Need another reason to get excited? Hitting newsstands today is Brides' October/November 2017 issue, and with tons of fresh ideas for your nuptials, this mag will have you falling in love with wedding planning this autumn.

As always, our mag is packed with pages of gorgeous gowns bound to inspire your own bridal style. And even though the weather is cooling down, these frocks couldn't be hotter. Sexy, deep V-necklines are our fave detail this season and these sultry wedding dresses might just convince you to take the plunge.

Another undeniably sexy touch to your wedding day look? Tousled, down-to-there long locks. If you're all "long hair, do care," our style experts are here to share the most effective ways to grow out your hair before your wedding date (or at least convincingly fake it!) and help you reach your mane goal.

Now that you're completely coiffed for the big day, that's it, right? Umm… Aren't you forgetting someone? Your groom, silly! You may have a million and one things on your mind during wedding planning, but guess what? He does, too. We're breaking down all the things your groom is thinking (but won't tell you) throughout the planning process, like his hidden desire to be included in the decision-making and his real feelings on the whole bachelor party situation.

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With your hubby-to-be totally on board, it's time to get into the nitty-gritty of all those big day details. We've rounded-up over 200 fresh ideas for your best day ever. Want a wedding cake that's anything but vanilla? Take a bite out of these unique flavor ideas for your confection. Searching for some blooming bouquet inspiration? Amp up the impact with an arrangement that smells as breathtaking as it looks, like the heavenly-scented bundles on these pages. And as for the honeymoon, plan an epic escape to one of these private-island resorts (that, yes, you can actually afford) and fulfill some castaway fantasies.

See? With fall wedding inspo like this, saying goodbye to summer really isn't so bad.