Pink Says That Couples Therapy Is the "Only Reason" She and Carey Hart Are Still Together After 17 Years

Pink Says That Couples Therapy Is the "Only Reason" She and Carey Hart Are Still Together After 17 Years

Relationships often require real work-and there is no shame in admitting that. Just ask Pink and Carey Hart. Despite the fact that the couple have been together for nearly 17 years-practically a lifetime in Hollywood!-they still seek outside guidance for their issues. The Grammy winner, 39, opened up about going to couples therapy with the motocross rider, 43, while discussing mental health with Carson Daly on the Today show on Friday, April 26.

“I keep the right people around me and I go to therapy,” she said. “Carey and I have been in couples counseling almost our entire 17 years that we've been together. It's the only reason we're still together.”

The “Try” singer said that having a third party on hand is sometimes necessary for the pair to communicate, relating it to speaking different languages. “He speaks Polish, I speak Italian, and she speaks both,” she explained. “Like, we don't speak the same language. We cannot.”

Pink, who shares daughter Willow, seven, and son Jameson, two, with her husband, said that some of their issues come from not growing up within a nuclear family structure. “We come from broken families and we had no model of, 'how are we supposed to keep this family together?' And live this crazy life? There's no model, there's no book that says, 'here's how to do this!' "

She concluded: “So, we go to counseling, and it works.”

The songstress isn't kidding: Pink praised her spouse's ability to self-correct in an argument to USA Today in October 2017.

“He's really good,” she said at the time. “He knows when he goes too far and he'll apologize, which is a wonderful trait in a human being. I do not possess that trait: I will go too far and still not apologize. It's awful to be married to me. He's the rock and I'm the storm, but it's fun.”

The twosome celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary in January 2019.

“Can't believe it's our 13th wedding anniversary,” Hart wrote on Instagram. Who would have thought two misfits like us could pull it off. I'm very grateful for you, baby. We have created an amazing life and family together. I love you. #17YearsStrong.”

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