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5 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Shoes

5 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Shoes

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After your dress, shoes are the most important piece of the wedding-day look. Usually a splurge and sometimes tall and sparkly, they are a statement you'll make on this special day only. You want your footwear to not only look amazing but to feel just as personal, too.

Below are five ways to make your "I Do" shoes uniquely you. With many ways and places to monogram, complete customization shops, and easy decals, spicing up your shoe doesn't have to break the bank or your vision.

We've rounded up five ways to customize your wedding shoes and make them a personal keepsake to cherish forever.

Courtesy of Freya Rose

Bespoke Monogramming

Inspired by the Royal Wedding, British luxury shoemaker Freya Rose now offers personalized shoes in hopes that all brides can feel like a princess. Monograms are available in sterling silver or polished brass within an already-stunning mother of pearl high heel. The bespoke service begins around $2,000 and are available through the Freya Rose website.

Courtesy of Farfetch

Mix-and-Match Customization

Watch your wedding shoes come to life as you design a one-of-a-kind Paul Andrew pair via Farfetch. Through the online service, you have the freedom to change fabrications, colors, and the optional monogram on 8 signature styles. Custom shoes begin at $690 and are available only on Farfetch.

Photo by Reichman Photography

Hand-Written Love Notes

Ask your soon-to-be spouse to ink words of sentiment onto your soles, and you do the same to his. It's a super-personal and very sweet way to cherish the keepsake that are your shoes from the day the two of you became one.

Courtesy of Freda Salvador

Wear-Again Nameplate

In collaboration with women's shoe designer Freda Salvador, jewelry designer Ariel Gordon creates engraved signet nameplates for lace-up shoes. Available in white bronze or brass with 2 to 4 letters per piece, you can inscribe a short saying or your new initials to the pair. If you're not big on laced shoes, consider wearing it as a bracelet post-wedding! The signet nameplate is sold in a pair for $95 and is available for purchase through both Freda Salvador and Ariel Gordon.

Courtesy of Etsy/TheCraftGala

Shoe Decals

Easy to create and easy to purchase through Etsy, shoe decals come in all colors and sizes to fit the bottom of your or your partner's shoes. Simply apply to the bottom of your dream wedding shoe, and prepare to take the cutest #shoestagram. Decals start at $4 and are available to create on Etsy.


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