Security For Princess Eugenie's Royal Wedding Will Cost More than Paris Hilton's Engagement Ring

Security For Princess Eugenie's Royal Wedding Will Cost More than Paris Hilton's Engagement Ring

When you're ninth in line to the royal throne, it seems enlisting wedding security is about as obligatory (if not more) as hiring a photographer. In fact, Princess Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank will reportedly rack up a $2.5 million bill, just for security alone. That's more than Paris Hilton's engagement ring from fiancГ© Chris Zylka, and that's saying something.

According to Mirror, British taxpayers will be accounting for the ВЈ2million security coverage for the couple's October 12 ceremony. Mirror also reports that the wedding was originally expected to cost ВЈ750,000 ($955,000), but has since risen due to "increased terror fears" after Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank announced their engagement. The recent Westminster attack, during which a car drove into Parliament, is likely fueling these concerns.

The heightened security will reportedly involve an influx of armed officers, and the spike in price will largely be caused by police overtime fees, increased staff demand, and holiday cancellations. Drones are also prohibited from flying above the castle during the wedding weekend.

This doesn't come as too much of a shock, though, considering Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding required an estimated ВЈ20 million ($25.4 million) worth of security precautions, which was also the responsibility of taxpayers across the pond.

However, the public is less than enthused to be chipping in this time around, especially since Princess Eugenie is deemed a minor royal and doesn't perform any official duties.

"In these times of heightened security risks it is irresponsible for a minor member of the royal family to have a high-profile, very public wedding," Member of Parliament Emma Dent Coad told Mirror. "This may be the time to review the role and cost of minor royals."

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We may be biased since we have no financial role in the big day, but we're still just as excited to witness another royal wedding this year.