Real Brides Share: Their Best Honeymoon Memories

Real Brides Share: Their Best Honeymoon Memories

Every honeymoon is bound to be a memorable experience, symbolizing the start of a new chapter, together. From the islands to the jungles, European excursions and mini getaways, regardless of how you choose to spend your 'moon, memories will be made and moments cherished. We asked real brides to share their favorite honeymoon memories. Here's what they had to say.

"My honeymoon memories are amazing. We honeymooned in Greece for 10 days touring the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. Both islands were gorgeous; however, Santorini was unbelievably romantic. The food was delicious and the views were amazing. Everyone was so sweet and laid back."- Liz, 28

"My husband and I went to the Maldives and Dubai for our honeymoon. By the time we got on our flight from our wedding we were so run down and exhausted we could not wait to be in the gorgeous crystal clear waters of the Maldives! After a few days I ended up getting sick from being so exhausted and needed to have the hotel call and get me some medicine. I, of course, was sulking around feeling sorry for myself that I was on this gorgeous honeymoon not feeling so great. Meanwhile my husband had been super excited about getting a cool Instagram video of him teeing off on the floating golf tee at the One and Only Maldives. It's such a cool thing to do and we have seen so many celebrities and other guests getting amazing videos of them hitting golf balls in the miles of crystal clear water. In the name of marriage and compromise, I dragged my sick self into the water to get the perfect shot. After $40 worth of balls and about eight Instagram boomerangs later, my hubby was finally happy with my videographer skills. He jumped into the water to grab his last ball and didn't realize the floating tee was set in shallow water with a rocky surface underneath and he ended up breaking his index finger. We laughed so hard at what messes we both were, but there are not many people who can say they broke their finger in the Maldives. The lengths us millennials will go for a good Instagram video! One broken finger and a sick wife later-we still had the best honeymoon and memories that will make us laugh for a lifetime!"- Katie, 28

"Because I'm a teacher and got married in the fall, we couldn't do our "big" honeymoon right after the wedding, so we first opted for a mini-moon in Mexico which was exactly what we needed. We barely did anything at all and just enjoyed the beach, slept in, relived all our favorite memories, and ate things I had been avoiding for months prior to the wedding. Then that summer, we did an unforgettable two week trip to Italy and Spain which was unbelievable. My all-time favorite moment has to be when we first arrived at our incredible resort in Positano, our last stop, and we literally felt like we were in paradise, just us-together."-Nicole, 31

"My favorite honeymoon moment was every night, we got into a routine where we would end each evening at the outdoor bar cozied up together on what became 'our couch.' We would just have a cocktail together for a nightcap and it was something I'll always smile about when I think about it."-Christine, 30

"We rented a Jeep in Aruba, and my favorite memory is just driving around the island and exploring all on our own. We met amazing people, found hidden treasures, and bonded together. A truly wonderful memory!"-Jennifer, 38

"My husband and I went to Italy and Greece on our honeymoon, and went to many different cities throughout our two weeks away. Overall, it was just incredible-waking up every morning as a wife, having someone cook for me. But the best part was a tie between starting nearly each day in a new country, and our first day in Florence when we tried to find this one restaurant my cousin told me about. They were closed in the middle of the day, so we ended up wandering and going on the longest walk ever, and then we found Fort Belvedere, the highest point. We were legitimately just exploring and finding the most ridiculous places, having no plan."- Pam, 30