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11 Winter Self-Care Products You Need for a Cozier Cold-Weather Season

11 Winter Self-Care Products You Need for a Cozier Cold-Weather Season

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Therawell Body Wrap

Courtesy of Therawell

Sometimes a warm hug is the best medicine. If you're traveling (or your fianc–ď© is out of town), curl up with this cozy thermal body wrap that will make you feel snug and secure.

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Boxy Bath Soak Salt Trio

Courtesy of Boxy Girl Beauty

A hot bath is the best way to warm up after a brisk walk in the cold. Enhance your experience with Boxy Girl's bath salt trio.

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Hum Nutrition Here Comes the Sun

Courtesy of Goop

Short winter days means minimal sun exposure. Avoid seasonal affective disorder by getting your vitamin D3 through another source, like these Hum supplements. Whatever you do, resist the urge to hit a tanning bed!

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Tied Zora Journal

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Winter weekends tend to be spent indoors. Take advantage of the downtime by keeping a reflective journal for all of your positive affirmations.

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Tea Drops Large Assortment Box

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Tea is the ultimate feel-good beverage (well, the healthy alternative to your favorite pinot grigio), and there's no cuter way to drink it than with these pretty patterned tea drops. Sample a variety of flavors with this adorable box set.

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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

Courtesy of Sephora

Cold weather often equals dry, flaky skin. Avoid the discomfort with this super hydrating mask from Kiehl's, fit for every type of skin.

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Sherpa Fair Isle Mittens

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Take preventative measures to avoid freezing fingers with these cozy Sherpa mittens that will protect your hands all season long.

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Celine Tea for Two Set

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Self-caring with a partner? This chic tea set for two is an adorable way to enjoy a soothing cup of tea together.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $38

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June & May Essential Oil Diffuser

Courtesy of Anthropologie

You'll be spending a lot more time indoors as the weather drops to colder temperatures, so make your space a place you can enjoy all season long. This pretty essential oil diffuser is not only a gorgeous piece of decor, but it will also transform your home into a relaxing, spa-worthy haven.

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Nordstrom at Home Sheared Stripe Faux Fur Throw

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Bring comfort to the next level with this pretty faux-fur throw. Not only does it make for a stunning accent blanket, but it's as cozy as can be.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $49

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Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Chinotto di Liguria Body Lotion

Courtesy of Bloomingdale's

Long, hot showers can lead to dry, itchy skin. Lather up with this hydrating body lotion to keep comfortable after a soothing bath.

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